Sabtu, 11 April 2009

Tata's Rib and Konro

Es Pisang Ijo

Saturday, April the 4th ,
Today we really like to swim. Since my hubby had a kind of voucher of visiting Waterbom in Cikarang, we prepared and packed our swimming stuff. Hmm, Waterbom, here we come!!

On the way, when we were in Jalan K.H. Abdullah Syafi’ie, suddenly, my sons’ father pulled over to a place look like a man crossing bridge, or is it? A bit surprised, we took a look and saw an open-aired dining place with wood as its building materials. It happened to be a restaurant!! My hubby said we were about to have lunch there. Since he was from Makassar for his duty, so he would like us to taste Makassar’s food as well. Hmm, why not? I like rib and Konro.

He also told us that there are three Daeng Tata restaurants on the same road so we can pick whichever suits us the most. The first one is an open-aired dining place with wood as its building materials. Here we are now. The second is right across the street from the first one, and the third is just around 10 metres from the second one. The restaurant’s signs are quite eye-catching so it’s not very likely we will miss them. Haji Maming, who founded the restaurant in 1993, was used to greet and ask the customers dining there if they found the food to be satisfying enough. Yet I don’t know whether he is still alive or not today. Sorry, sir :D

On the table, you can see some otak-otak and kue hijau, a nice and tasty with sweet coconut grind in it. Yummy ^_^. I think they are for you while you are about to wait for the menu you asked to be served.

Sop Konro, or the Konro Soup, is the favourite menu here. The first thing you’ll notice is that inside that big bowl of soup, smiling at you is two gigantic ribs , with bones sticking out, and that could be just enough to guarantee that this is not a-dietarian-dish. This is very serious filling food. I was not sure I could eat them by myself. Oh, no, I think I need a help!
Konro Soup

Sop Konro, a traditional Makassar (South Sulawesi) food, is rich in spice but it’s not spicy in terms of hot, unless you eat it with the accompanying chili, of course. You can ask the waiter for a strictly non-chili version if you’d like. We can choose to eat the soup with rice or ketupat (rice cakes).

Tata Ribs is a more ‘modern’ menu item, being a prided original creation of the Restaurant, but it seemed more popular than the original Sop Konro. I could see that the guests ordered the Tata Rib’s more then they do to Soup Konro. Ribs, the same serving size as the ones in Sop Konro, are boiled marinated, roasted on dry coconut shells and served with a sweet, nutty sauce which tastes like satay sauce. Much soya bean sauce poured, I guessed. The tender meat slips from the bones and the taste could prove to be surprisingly scrumptious even for those who winced at the thought of marinating a rib with a sauce made from nuts. Hmm, slurp. The Soup and the Ribs are served with a small ketupat. Tasty rice in coconut leaves woven, and buras, tasty rice inside banana leaves woven in substitute of nasi. I think I kinda in love with them, so I ordered 4 more for our later snack. Hehehe..
My hubby ordered two portions of Konro, and two portions of Ribs. Huh? Excuse me? Well, I think I need to call 911!! And it seems the 911 crews are ready to help!! My sons with their glittering eyes smiling at me meaningfully. Eating the soup and ribs could be tricky, though, because of their size, and if you are having trouble getting to those tiny yet the most delicious bits do not hesitate to use your hands. Well, it seemed we are going to be a hungry pre-historic man! Luckily, the waitress served us with a sharp steak knife. Hehehe, at least we are not that barbar :P
Other options of food are also available, all in hearty portions, all in various prices.
The drinks are also from Makassar menu. From Es Pisang Ijo (green Banana ice), or Palubutung ice, red bean ice, we ordered the two first drinks. Hmmm, so sweet. They served also milk and red syrup in case we need to sweeten our beverage.
While we were waiting, we realized that more people come and come, and without you realize it, the restaurant was very crowded. No wonder it is lunch hour. Maybe next time we will come during the lunch break.

The price of Tata’s Ribs is Rp. 29.000, the Konro Soup is Rp. 25.000, Es Pisang Ijo and Es Palubutung each Rp.14.000. The snacks @ Rp. 3.000, and the buras and ketupat is Rp. 2.000. So we all spent Rp. 193.000. Well, lucky that my hubby was from duty, and we have rizki. But we were all full! That’s even.

Okay, then. If anybody want to ask me and treat me some Tata’s Rib, I will not refuse. Horray! ;)

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